Review of Housing Management options

About the review

We have been carrying out a review of the provision of housing management services for the 11000 homes which are currently administered on our behalf by Brent Housing Partnership (BHP).

Brent faces enormous pressures to meet the housing needs of its population. With regards to its own housing stock, it has a special duty to its tenants and leaseholders to ensure that the provision of services meets the standards which residents have a right to expect.

Mindful of this, the Cabinet commissioned a formal review of Housing Management Options for the Council’s Housing stock in June 2016, with the following options considered:

  • to continue with BHP on a reformed basis
  • to bring the service in-house
  • to enter into partnership with another organisation to provide the service.

The options have been examined to assess how far they can:

  • Provide modern, high-quality housing management services
  • Achieve significant efficiencies and savings
  • Get the most out of the value and performance of the Council’s housing stock
  • Contribute to improved outcomes for tenants
  • Contribute to delivering the Council's priorities

The Review has now been completed and the Review report (see below) was considered by Cabinet on 15 November. Central to the Review has been an evaluation of the options and in light of this evaluation, the Cabinet concluded that the in-house option offers the best way forward subject to consultation.

Therefore a consultation process will now be undertaken with all tenants and leaseholders. The results of this will be reported to Cabinet for a final decision by the Council in April 2017.

The Council’s 11,000 tenants and leaseholders will shortly receive a newsletter (see copy) informing them to on how to comment on this proposal. There will also be other ways in which residents can contribute to the consultation process which will last 12 weeks and finish on 17 March 2017.

Below, you can find all of the documents provided to Cabinet in November which sets out why this recommendation was proposed.






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