Creating a My Account

What you need

All you need to sign up for a My Account is a valid email address. You will then need the relevant account or reference number, your postcode and probably your date of birth and national insurance number to register for a particular service.

How to register

You must use your full name – no abbreviations – when you sign up for My Account as we will use it when you register for council tax or benefits services.

Registering for an account is easy and takes a couple of minutes all you need to get started is an email address.

If you are a new customer you can watch this short video, which shows you how to register step by step:

Go to create account and complete the fields. You will then be sent an email to activate your My Account. Once activated, you can log in, then immediately register for the services listed.

Do I need to live in Brent to have a My Account?

No you do not need to live in Brent. If you live outside the borough you can still create a My Account to access some of our online services.

What services are available online?

By registering for My Account you will be able to securely access the following range of council services: 

  • My Account details – change your email address and password or deactivate your account
  • council tax - manage your payment method, set up a direct debit, make payments, apply for single persons discount, apply for vacant property discount and amend address details online
  • housing benefit/council tax support summary, payment details including next payment date and calculation summary
  • housing rents account

What if I don't get an email to activate my online account?

If you do not receive an email to allow you to activate your account, check that the email hasn’t gone directly into your ‘spam or junk’ folder. If not, register to create a My Account again. If this does not work, talk to us by web chat.

I am having trouble logging in

To log in you will need to use the email address and password that you entered when you created your account. The first time you log in, you must activate your account by clicking on the link in the email that we sent you when you created your account.

I have forgotten my password

You can reset your password. You will be asked to enter the answer to your secret question when you registered your account. You can change your password on the My Account home screen by clicking on 'reset password'. You will then be asked to enter your email address. 

I have forgotten my password and the answer to my secret question

If you have attempted to log into your account three or more times with an incorrect password, then your account will be temporarily disabled to prevent unauthorised access – we will contact you within 24 hours to help you to reset your account.

I no longer have access to the email address I used to create my account

You can create a new account using a different email address, and register again for the services which you would like to view. You can contact us by Web chat to help to deactivate your account. 

How do I report a problem?

If you experience any problems with the tasks listed below or need help with your online use, please contact us by web chat and we will assist.

Help and support

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, use the web chat to contact us.