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Please note that the use of SMS is entirely voluntary. If you make use of these services, please take time to read through the guidelines that apply to them.

The transmission of SMS messages via public networks is an unprotected medium, and these messages can potentially be intercepted and tampered with by third parties. This means that third parties are able to not only intercept the contents, but also to amend them and also identify the recipient and sender of the SMS message.

Brent Council is not responsible if a short message (SMS) is unable to reach the recipient on time or is unable to reach the recipient at all. For technical reasons, Brent Council is unable to guarantee the availability of the SMS service. Brent Council does not accept any liability whatsoever for losses resulting from SMS messages being received late or not at all.

All short messages sent from Brent Council to the recipient are not chargeable at the point of sending. Brent Council reserves the rights to make the final decision on charging for sending short messages. Although Brent Council provides SMS services free of charge, users may be charged extra by their mobile phone operator for messages. Brent Council shall not be held liable for such costs.

Brent Council will only hold sufficient personal details for the sending of short messages. The personal details held will only be used for the intended lawful purpose and Brent Council will not disclose this information to any third party unless required to do so by law.