Dealing with loss

A sense of loss may be felt while approaching the end of life as well as after the person has died. Talking about this can be difficult for many reasons, but can help to relieve those feelings. Dealing with loss is about dealing with emotions and also dealing with the practicalities that have to be taken care of when someone dies.

Hospice services will work with families and offer some bereavement support to the families they work with. Bereavement support is also available by appointment from the Brent Bereavement Service based at the Dollis Hill Medical Centre, or you can talk to your GP who may make a referral for bereavement support.

Further information

The National Council for Palliative Care has also published a guide ‘What to expect when someone important to you is dying’. The guide is intended to make the last hours and days of someone’s life less distressing for all concerned, including friends, family members and carers.


LifeBook is a free booklet where you can write important and useful information about your life. LifeBook not only helps you to be more organised but could be invaluable to a family member or a friend if they need to find important information about you in an emergency.