Financial assessment

You might have to make a contribution to your care.

The amount you might have to contribute will depend on the benefits that you receive, your capital, your expenditure and the number of hours of care that you receive.

If you need long-term support, we will do a financial assessment with you to tell us how much you need to contribute to your support.

We will give you a statement that makes this easy to understand. The financial assessment will look at your income and capital to calculate how much you have to pay.

Your capital might include:

  • savings
  • investments
  • any property you own, like a home or holiday home.

Examples of income include:

  • interest on your savings
  • private and/or State Pension
  • some benefits like Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance or the care component of Disability Living Allowance.

Your wages will not be included in this.

You will not have to pay for:

  • reablement services
  • mental health ‘after care’ services (under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983 these services must be provided free of charge regardless of your ability to pay for them.)

If you or your carer think you might need care and support, a care manager or care assessor will do an assessment of your care and support needs.

For the financial assessment, we will look at your income, expenses, savings and investments. This information will be used to work out how much you can afford to contribute towards the cost of your support.

If you have capital, savings and/or investments of more than £23,250 you will automatically be required to pay the full cost of your personal budget. If you have savings of less than £23,250 we will work out what proportion you should pay.

If your capital is below £14,250 it will be ignored for financial assessment purposes.

If you have capital between £14,250 and £23,250 we will need to take this into account.

Irrespective of the level of your savings, your income too will be used in calculating your contribution towards your care

Following your assessment, you will be sent a letter with a breakdown explaining how your weekly contribution has been calculated.

If you are eligible for care services we will endeavour to complete your financial assessment before services are put in place.

Sometimes this will not be possible if information cannot be obtained from DWP, Housing Benefit or Council Tax information systems, which we use to carry out the financial assessment.

When a financial assessment cannot be completed before care starts you will be charged £29.07 per week for your services. This is the average client contribution made by those who are not eligible for free social care services.

This charge will remain in place until the financial assessment is complete.

If the assessment determines that you should be paying less than £29.07 a week for your care, you will be reimbursed the money owed to you.

If the assessment tells us you should be paying more, the revised charge won’t be backdated to the time when care services started.

You will pay the higher amount from the date that the financial assessment was completed.