Guide to personal budgets

There are 6 main steps in the self directed support process which may lead to the allocation of a personal budget to meet your assessed eligible needs.

We will help you through these steps but you can also ask for help from your family, friends or someone that you trust.

Step 1 - You tell us about your needs

If you need help with your daily living, you can contact us through the One Stop Service and will do our best to resolve your enquiry the first time we speak to you.

We will check if you are eligible for social care support from us by asking you some questions, which we call an assessment. This might lead to identifying specific things you need help with. If you are eligible for support from us, we will tell you how much we might contribute towards meeting your assessed needs. This is called a personal budget.

However, people sometimes contact us after a change of circumstances and cannot manage on their own for a while. We have introduced a new reablement service to help you regain independence quickly. You may be referred to this service and we will work with you to help you learn or re-learn skills that you need to live independently.