Personal budgets - Questions and Answers

1. Why have I received this letter?

Brent Council is required to let you know each year how much your personal care budget is.

2. What is a personal budget?

A Personal Budget is an agreed amount of money that is allocated to you following an assessment of your care and support needs. This money is used to pay for the services that are needed to meet those needs.

3. Do I need to take any action?

No. This letter is for you information only and you are not required to take any action.

4. Does this affect the services I am receiving?

No. This letter does not affect any services you are receiving.

5. The personal budget is different to the amount I pay for my services

This maybe the case. Your personal budget will include the money that the council pays towards your care, and also the amount you are required to pay (if you make a contribution to your care costs). If some of your care is funded by the NHS this will also be included.