How Adult Social Care works in Brent

Brent Council Adult Social Care supports:

Our vision

We want residents who are eligible for social care funding to:

  • lead full and active lives where they are supported to be independent as far as they can be
  • have choice and control over the services and support they receive
  • have access to services that use resources creatively and focus on improving the quality of life.

What we do

  • provide easy ways for you to contact us for advice
  • help you as quickly as we can after you contact us
  • provide as much information and advice as we can when you contact us
  • assess your needs over the phone
  • help you to remain independent
  • provide support straight from hospital

The Local Account

Local Account

View the Local Account 2014-15, showing what you can expect from Adult Social Care in Brent. 


Things to read

Market Position Statement 2014
Market Development Strategy and Engagement Plan