How Adult Social Care works in Brent

What is commissioning?

Commissioning is the process of identifying needs and securing services for the Council, from assessing priorities to managing and monitoring the way services are provided to residents.

The Adult Social Care Commissioning function is at the heart of developing person-centred care because we understand that getting it right will have a significant impact on the quality of people’s lives and experiences. We take a partnership approach to our commissioning activities and use the principle of co-production to collaborate and innovate sustainable solutions.

Commissioning activities remain critical to supporting local prevention and early intervention services to develop and flourish so people have the support they need to manage and protect their own health and wellbeing.

Commissioning is driven by four key priorities:

1) Commissioning opportunities

Wherever possible we will seek to commission opportunities rather than conventional services, so that people can feel socially included, remain close to their communities and enjoy quality of life.

2) Developing and managing the market

We have already shifted away from a traditional procurement approach and moved towards developing and managing the local social care market. We will seek to create the right market conditions whereby local enterprise and user-led organisations can develop and flourish. We will also continue to engage the local community in a two-way dialogue to improve the quality of local service provision.

3) Mutual responsibility

We will design and deliver support services within a framework of shared responsibilities. Solutions will be co-produced and co-owned by both the local community and the Council. We will work in partnership to ensure that support services are accessible, timely and proportionate and deliver value for money.

4) Building personal resilience

We recognise that everyone is an individual and as such we will encourage them to build on what they can do, instead of focussing on what they cannot do. Where appropriate, we will encourage them to use their existing assets and networks to develop their own solutions, and help them to make best use of the resources available to them.

The Local Account

Local Account

View the Local Account 2014-15, showing what you can expect from Adult Social Care in Brent. 


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