Older people

Find out if you are eligible for care and support.

Take control of the care and support that meets your needs.

Rehab and Reablement provides short-term intensive care to help restore independence.

What to do if you are worried about dementia.

Find out what homecare services, equipment and adaptations can assist you in your own home.

Includes extra care housing, supported living, shared lives, residential and nursing care.

A purpose built facility for 18 year olds and over with physical and learning disabilities.


Services you can receive if you have a disability that affects your ability to walk.

Services that help people who are approaching death remain dignified.

See how our joint initiative can assist with people becoming isolated.

The Gateway to Support Services Hub delivers preventative social care services and statutory advocacy for Brent resident

Other organisations that can offer advice and information.

Contact us for advice and information.