Reablement provides planned, short-term, intensive assistance to help a person restore their confidence and independence by focusing on improving their ability to carry out daily living skills.

The aim is to support them to do as much as they can for themselves, rather than someone doing things for them.

We believe that most people can be supported to become more independent.

This might be by helping them to re-gain their confidence, express their wishes more clearly, or making their home environment easier to navigate. 

Reablement is the first option considered when someone first gets in touch with us or their social care needs are being reviewed, unless the person is unable to use Reablement, for example, because they have advanced dementia.

Reablement care packages are commissioned for between one and six weeks up a maximum for 72 hours with the enablers working with individuals and supporting each person to re-learn lost skills following a period of illness, disability or during a time when they may have lost some confidence.

We have two reablement services.

  • Core reablement service – A six week home care service delivered by a home care agency.
  • Enhanced reablement service – A six week home care service, but for people with more complex physical needs, or early on set dementia, and involves the input from a physiotherapist, or occupational therapist to support the person and to train and guide the home carers.

In both services, goals that are individual to the person and reflect their potential to be fully independent are set at the start of reablement, for example, to be able to dress independently, to be able to wash with the assistance of a single carer, to be able to make hot snacks independently.

Then the six week reablement home care programme is focused on these goals, supporting people to do things for themselves, rather than doing it for them, to ensure that at the end of this process the person is as independent as possible.

Who is reablement for?

You can access the reablement service if you live in Brent, are 18 years of age or over, and have substantial or critical social care needs as defined within the Care Act. You may:

  • Have returned home after spending some time in hospital
  • Have a physical disability
  • Be feeling frail and need support to remain in your own home
  • Want to regain skills and confidence to live independently

If you are not eligible for support from the reablement service, you can get information about other community based services that can help you stay independent from any of the following sources:

What kind of support will I get?

Reablement services may last for up to six weeks or a maximum of 72 hours, but this will depend on your individual need.

The reablement service will stop when you are able to meet your needs independently, when you have maximised your independence or when the maximum 6 weeks/ 72 hours come to an end. We may also stop providing the reablement service if you do not work with the reablement workers.

Our Adult Social Care staff will work with you to identify the areas in which you need support to become independent and then, with you, they will set goals to help you to achieve independence in these areas.

This information will then be passed onto specially trained reablement workers from a local homecare agency who will then work with you to draw up a detailed plan of the support you need to improve your ability to live independently at home. The plan will vary depending on your individual circumstances, but will be focused on helping you to remain in your own home and live as independently as possible.

As you improve, the amount of assistance and visits will be reduced, as your needs change and you become more independent. Your progress will be reviewed by your allocated staff member from Brent Adult Social Care throughout the time you are receiving the reablement service.

What happens at the end of the service?

We hope that the intensive reablement support you receive through the service will mean you need less support or even no support to live independently. If you do require ongoing support after your period of reablement, then your Brent Adult Social Care allocated staff member will discuss with you how best to meet your future needs.

Will I have to pay?

You will not have to pay for the care and support provided through the reablement homecare programme. If you require on going care support after reablement, you may need to contribute towards the cost and you will be required to carry out a financial assessment which will determine if and how much you will pay for your on-going care support.

How do I find out more?

You can contact us for information about being assessed for social care support or local information and advice centres, such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.