Housing support for those not able to be at home

Shared Lives helps vulnerable adults by placing them in the homes of suitable carers. The adults may need support because they have autism, dementia or other mental health problems. By living in the home of a carer, they are able to live more independently and also feel part of a family and a community.

Please watch our video about Colette or read the full text transcript, to find out more about being a carer in Brent.

Could you be a carer?

We would like more people to become carers for the Shared Lives scheme. To be a carer you will need to:

  • Live in Brent
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Want to help a vulnerable adult to become independent

Qualifications are not required but an ability to communicate effectively is essential. Carers can be single or couples, with or without children, employed or unemployed.

We will provide ongoing training and support on First Aid, safeguarding, medication and other related subjects. We will allocate a case worker to you and an emergency duty team will be available for out-of-hours emergencies. 

Financially, you could receive up to £22,000 per annum for looking after one vulnerable adult. For more details please contact the Brent Shared Lives Team.

How to apply

Please contact a member of the team and they will send you an application form and extra information. You will need to complete a detailed assessment to ensure your home is adequately insured and safe.

For qualified carers, the initial assessment will take four to six weeks. That is followed by a panel meeting. All applicants will need to be Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked.

For more information on the scheme please contact the Shared Lives team.