Housing support for those not able to be at home

Supported Living is a term used to describe accommodation that has care and support staff available on site either 24 hours a day or for parts of the day to support adults with high care and support needs. If support is not on site 24 hours a day, there will be on call arrangements in place to ensure that if someone needs assistance it is available at any time of the day.

What support is available?

Brent Council has a range of Supported Living schemes in operation to ensure adults aged between 18-65 with high care and support needs can receive flexible support as an alternative to living in residential care or a nursing home.

More schemes are being developed across Brent so that we can ensure that as few as people as possible need to go into residential or nursing care, unless it is not possible to support them safely in a Supported Living scheme. We also want people to remain in Brent if possible, close to home, friends, family and other support networks.

The type of accommodation varies and could be anything from a shared house to a block of flats with people having their own individual flat or studio apartment with en-suite facilities.

There are specialist schemes for people with mental health needs, schemes for people with a learning disability, as well as mixed schemes for people who just have a need for general support.

Am I eligible for Supported Living accommodation?

In order to determine whether you are eligible for Supported Living accommodation, you need to be assessed by a care manager (social worker).

If you already have a care manager, you can discuss this with them.

If you do not have a care manager, please contact us for more information.