Brent Safeguarding Adults Board

All local authorities have a Safeguarding Adults Board. The Board is made up of lots of different organisations in Brent, but three organisations which must sit on the Board are the Police, Brent Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

The Board does not look directly at allegations of abuse or neglect. This responsibility sits with the lead agency Brent Council. If you need to raise a Safeguarding Concern, you can make a referral to Brent Council online.

Under the Care Act 2014, the Safeguarding Adults Boards are required to:

  • Write and make public a strategic plan
  • Have an independent chair of the Board
  • Have an annual report setting out what it did over the last year
  • Make sure there is a Safeguarding Adult Review when needed

The Brent Safeguarding Adults Board has its own independent website where it publishes its plans, annual reports and Safeguarding Adult Reviews. It also has further information about the duties of the Board as set out by the Care Act 2014 and statutory guidance.

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

One of the requirements of Safeguarding Adults Boards is to ask an independent person to carry out a review into a case where a person has died or was harmed by serious abuse or neglect and where there is a concern agencies did not work together. This is called a Safeguarding Adult Review. Anyone can refer for a Safeguarding Adult Review to be considered.

If you wish to make a referral for a Safeguarding Adults Review in Brent you can do this through the Brent Safeguarding Adults Board website.

Alternatively, email to request a referral form be sent to you.