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By focusing on what individuals and communities have and how they can work together, rather than on what individuals don’t have or can’t do, social workers can improve outcomes for the people they support. The quick guide is available in online and PDF formats and will also be useful for staff training.

Access Evidence for strength and asset based outcomes.


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New* Webinar – Giving medicines covertly: overcoming the challenges


Covert administration of medicines is a complex process. Even those with a good understanding of the legal requirements and plenty of experience of providing medicines support may occasionally face challenges when making decisions about achieving the best outcomes for people.


This NICE/SCIE webinar offers an opportunity to find out about evidence-based practical solutions for overcoming challenges to giving medicines covertly. It will be presented by three sector experts who have a thorough knowledge of both NICE guidance and CQC regulations regarding covert medication.


Date: 27 September from 1-2pm