Support for carers

We can provide a range of support for carers who meet certain criteria, based on your individual caring situation. This can include anything that would make your caring role easier on an on-going basis such as respite, additional care at home or other support that you and your key worker can identify together as being something that would be helpful to your caring role.

About the assessment

To find out whether you’re eligible for support from the Council, you’ll need to have your needs assessed through a carer’s assessment. Your key worker will arrange a time with you to talk through a series of questions about your caring role and how it is impacting on your everyday life.

The carer’s assessment will usually be conducted alongside an assessment of the needs of the person you care for, unless you’d like to request an assessment at a later date.

You can choose whether you would like the person you care for to be involved in your assessment, or if you’d prefer to talk to your key worker in private, as it’s not always easy to talk about how your caring role is affecting your wellbeing.

After the assessment

Your key worker will review the things you’ve told them about and decide whether you’re eligible for support from us. If you are, they will discuss with you what sort of support you’d like to receive and agree on how this support will be delivered.

If you’re not eligible for support from the Council, your key worker will make sure you know all about the support on offer from Brent Gateway Partnership.

We can also offer you a benefits check to make sure you are receiving all the financial support that you’re entitled to, including the Carers’ Allowance.

How do I request an assessment?

Contact Adult Social Services to request a carers assessment.

Other support

There is a range of support available for carers nationally, including travel discounts, free admission to various sports and leisure activities and a range of offers.

You will be able to find out more about this support on the Brent Gateway Partnership website.