Documents you'll need

Some people may need to provide evidence to support their claim. If you need to, you will be notified of what you need to provide and how you need to provide it. Below are examples of documents we may ask you for.

New claims

Please provide documents for all members of the household:

TypeWhat to provide
Identity for ALL members of the household

A valid Passport, photocard Driving Licence, UK Residence Permit, Certificate of employment in HM Forces, Birth Certificate,  A letter that has been sent to you from a solicitor, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, Social Worker or Probation Officer confirming your identity.

Evidence of National Insurance Number for ALL adults living in your household

A National Insurance number card, payslips or P45/P60, letters from the Department for Work and Pensions or HMRC office

Proof of earnings for ALL adults living in your household
  • Your last five payslips if you are paid every week
  • Your last three payslips if you are paid every two weeks
  • Your last two payslips if you are paid every month
  • A contract of employment if you have recently started working
Proof of self-employed earnings for ALL adults living in your household

If you are Self-Employed - You must complete a separate online form which we will send you further details for. You should gather details of your Unique Tax Reference from HMRC, and your last year's income and expenses. If you have been trading for less than six months or your business is new, you will need to provide details of what you have earned since starting up the business and a forecast for the rest of the year. We may ask you for receipts and invoices as evidence of your self employment.

Proof of receipt of Private Pensions for ALL adults living in your household

If you are receiving a Private Pension - A P60 or recent Pay Advice Slips

Proof of Student Loans and Grants for claimant and partner (if applicable)

If you are a student - A letter from Student Finance detailing the full breakdown of loans and grants given to you.

Proof of your and your partner's (if applicable) capital, savings and investments

Full bank statements, all your bank, building society or post office books, Certificates for premium bonds, National Savings Certificates, ISAs, stocks, shares and unit trusts. We need to see proof of any interest or dividends you get on investments and savings. The proof you send must show details for at least the last 2 months.

Proof of All Benefits, Tax Credits, Child Benefit, Allowances and Pensions

All pages of your current award notice or letters from your Jobcentre Plus office, Department for Work and Pensions or the Pension Service confirming how much you get

Proof of Rent and Tenancies

A Tenancy Agreement or a signed letter from your landlord which states the rent being charged and a breakdown of service charges if applicable. A rent book, rent receipts, Note:  BHP Tenants do not need to provide this information.

Evidence you are living at the address you are claiming for

A recently paid utility bill/TV licence, or a bank statement. If you have recently moved in we will need to see a utility bill from your previous address regardless of where you lived.

Proof of student status for non-dependants

A certificate from the place of their education showing their name, whether the course is full time or part time and the start and the end date of the course

Evidence of Childcare Costs and any other money paid out

A recent letter from the childcare provider giving their Ofsted registration number, name and address, names of the children receiving care, the amount charged and how often.
Proof of Child maintenance paid if applicable.

Changes in Circumstance

Please provide documents for all adults in the household:

TypeWhat to provide
Change in employment or no longer working

YP45 confirming end date of your old employment. If you have changed jobs, we'll also need your new contract.

Increase/decrease in earnings for any Adult household member

A letter from the employer confirming the date of change and what the new income is, or payslips with the new wages.

New baby

A Birth Certificate and proof of Child Benefit

Partner or any other adult moving in Proof of their identity and proof of their income.
A household member moving out

A letter signed by you confirming the name of the person that has moved out, the date they left and their new address

Rent increase/decrease

A new signed Tenancy Agreement or letter from your landlord, confirming the date of the increase/decrease, what the rent has changed to and how often it's charged.

Moving to a new home

A signed Tenancy Agreement for your new address confirming the start date, amount of rent being changed and how often, along with a breakdown of service charges if applicable.

Change in Benefits or Allowances

All pages of your new award notice from the Job Centre Plus, Department for Work and pension (DWP), HMRC or the Pension Service.