Housing benefit overpayment

Occasionally, housing benefit is overpaid. This usually happens when a change in circumstances is reported late, and by the time the benefit is recalculated, too much benefit has been paid.

If your personal situation alters, please tell us about the changes promptly.

You will receive a notification letter explaining why the overpayment of benefit happened and how much you have to repay.

If you are still receiving benefit the overpayment will usually be recovered from your weekly housing benefit payments, or if you are not receiving housing benefit, the overpayment amount will be invoiced to either the tenant or landlord depending on the circumstances of the case.

If you disagree with the overpayment amount or who we are recovering the overpayment from, you can find out how to dispute this decision here.

Pay back a housing benefit overpayment 

If you want to pay the overpayment by debit or credit card, please call 020 8937 1717.

If you would like to make an arrangement to pay an overpayment or want to change how you are paying an overpayment, please use our contact our benefit enquiry team.