Non dependant deductions

If you have any other adults living with you (over the age of 18) such as grown up children, we may have to reduce the housing benefit we can pay you. This reduction is called a non-dependant deduction.

The level of deduction will depend on the non-dependant's circumstances, for example, whether they are working, the number of hours they work and the level of their earnings. For housing benefit there are six different levels of deductions.

However, there are some circumstances when a deduction will not be taken and these are listed below.

Exceptions to non-dependant deductions

A non-dependant deduction will not be taken if you or your partner:

  • Are registered or treated as blind 
  • Are receiving the care component of disability living allowance or attendance allowance 
  • Similarly a non-dependant deduction will not be taken if the non-dependant
  • Is on a youth training scheme/receives a work based training allowance 
  • Is a full time student (this may not apply during the summer holiday)
  • Is a prisoner 
  • Has been in hospital for 52 weeks or more 
  • Is under 25 years old and receives income support or job seekers allowance (IB) 
  • Is under 25 years old and has no earned income and is receiving Universal Credit
  • Is under 25 years old and in the assessment phase (first 13 weeks) of employment and support allowance (IR) 
  • Is over 18 years but child benefit is still payable 
  • Or his or her normal home is somewhere else

Deduction rates

Find the non-dependant deductions from Housing Benefit on the Benefit and pension rates page on