Bedroom Tax

Bedroom Tax - Social Sector (Council and Housing Association properties)

Housing benefit has changed for people who rent from the council, a registered housing association or a registered social landlord.

Working age customers who have more bedrooms in their property than they need, according to the size criteria, will have their housing benefit reduced.

This could affect you:

  • if you are 16 to 61 years old
  • even if you only get a small amount of housing benefit – for example if you are working
  • even if you are sick or disabled.

You won’t be affected if:

  • you live in a one bedroom flat or bedsit, or if
  • you or your partner is old enough to receive pension credits. 

Housing benefit will be restricted for some people who are living in a property that is larger than their household needs.

The number of rooms needed will be based on the size of a claimant’s household.

The new rules allow one bedroom for:

  • every adult couple (married or unmarried)
  • any other adult aged 16 or over
  • any two children of the same sex aged under 16
  • any two children aged under 10
  • any other child
  • a carer (or team of carers) who do not live with you but provide you or your partner with overnight care.

What this means for you

If you're assessed as having more bedrooms than you need your housing benefit will be reduced by:

  • 14 per cent if you have one extra bedroom
  • 25 per cent if you have two or more extra bedrooms

What can you do?

You can:

  • talk to your landlord about transferring to a smaller home or taking in a lodger
  • contact the us to ask about extra financial help. Councils have a limited amount of money available to make discretionary payments towards housing costs
  • try to find some paid work to increase your income
  • make sure you are claiming all the benefits you can, for example, money to help with the costs of a disability.

Calculate your benefit entitlement

A benefit calculator is now available to help you determine whether you may be entitled to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support and the potential amount.

If you find that you may be entitled, you will be able to access the benefit claim form directly from the ‘Results’ page of the calculator.

The calculator will also permit you to assess the impact of increasing your working hours and/or pay on your entitlement.

Calculate your benefit entitlement now