Baby-naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a special way to celebrate the birth of your child, or welcome an adopted child or step children into your family or wider community. The ceremony has no legal standing but is a way to show a public gesture of love and support for your child.

Phone 020 8937 1010 for more information and to book your baby naming ceremony.

Why not hold your baby-naming ceremony at one of our approved Brent venues

A ceremony can be as simple or as complex as you wish but must not have any religious content.

A typical naming ceremony includes:

  • introduction and welcome
  • readings or poems
  • music
  • naming of the child
  • parents’ promises to their child
  • supporting adults’ promises to the child
  • signing of the commemorative certificate
  • closing words

At the end of the ceremony you will also receive a certificate. You can buy additional certificates for £11 each, to present to your supporting adults.

Holding your naming ceremony in a registration office or other venue licensed by Brent Council does involve a ceremony fee.