Re-registration after marriage

Couples who marry after registering a birth have to re-register the child by both completing a re-registration form (LA1 form). If it is more than one child they may need to book more than one appointment.

Who needs to attend

Only one parent is needed to complete the re-registration at the register office if they provide a marriage certificate. Forms must be completed in advance.

The mother's and child's surnames can be changed at this point and a new birth certificate made.

More detailed information about the re-registering process is available at

Re-registered birth certificates are subject to certificate charges.

Marriages registered outside the UK

If the marriage ceremony takes place abroad, the application form is sent to the General Register Office for approval for the amendment to be made. If it is in another language you will need to provide an English translation.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment and to obtain the forms you need.