Buying and owning a grave

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we have changed our regulations to ensure the safety of you, your family, visitors and staff. Therefore, until further notice, please be aware that only a maximum of 30 people are permitted at the graveside (this includes mourners, bearers, Funeral Director(s) and anyone performing/conducting a service).

We also kindly ask that all visitors and attendees please adhere to social distancing at all times within our cemeteries.

Normally, your funeral director will help to make the necessary arrangements for arranging the funeral event and buying a grave. Please be advised that we do not allow metal or fibreglass caskets/coffins. All coffins and caskets must be biodegradable.

However, if you wish to organise an independent funeral, you can do this by contacting us and we will assist you with the process.

Under a government scheme introduced on 23 July 2019, parents will no longer have to meet the costs of burials or cremations. Find more information on the 

Brent cemeteries

We do not directly manage any crematoriums in Brent but you can find a list of the nearest crematoriums.

List of fees

Grave location viewings

Potential purchasers of graves often wish to see where the grave is located and decide whether to choose a front row grave (which can be more expensive) or a space located near trees or car parking spaces.

If you would like to view the section of the cemetery where the burial is to take place before the funeral, contact us and we will arrange for a member of staff to meet with you on the site.

Guidance for grave owners

If you are the registered grave owner and you move house please contact us with the change of address details.

This enables us to update the grave register should the need arise for us to contact you.

Unless we are informed of a change of address we will only write to the address in the grave register.

The ownership of the grave will need to be transferred to another person in the event of the owner's death, as the grave ownership does not automatically get passed on to the next of kin.

New memorials, additions to original memorials nor any burials, except that of the grave owner, are permitted until the grave burial rights have been transferred.




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