Register a stillbirth

All death and stillbirth registrations are now taking place by telephone, through pre-booked appointments. Please call 020 8937 1010 or Book an appointment to register a death by telephone.

The law requires you to register a still-birth within 42 days of it occurring, unless it was referred to a coroner. Please ask us for advice if more than 42 days has passed.

If the still-birth happened elsewhere, you can check which register office covers the area.

The natural parents of the still-born child should complete the registration. 

Registering a stillbirth during the Coronavirus pandemic

From Monday 30 March 2020 and for the duration of the pandemic period, stillbirths will be registered over the telephone by appointment.

Relatives do not have to collect the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from the hospital or GP. A scan of the signed certificate can be sent to Brent directly at

The green certificate for burial or cremation will be sent electronically to you or the Funeral Director, crematorium or cemetery office.

Book an appointment

Please only book an appointment online once it is confirmed that we have received the medical certificate of still-birth or the necessary paperwork from the coroner (if referred).

Alternatively, please contact us on 020 8937 1010.

Book an appointment to register a stillbirth by telephone

The registrar will you call at your scheduled appointment time.

Out of hours Emergency Burial Certificate Service

An on-call service is available on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays between 9am and 11am to make an appointment between 11am and 1pm for full telephone registrations. This service is for a funeral that is to take place within 24 hours ONLY.

The on-call registrar will issue the burial certificate if:

  • You can provide confirmation that the burial is to take place within 24 hours
  • You have a correctly completed medical certificate of cause of stillbirth from the doctor
  • The stillbirth does not have to be referred to the coroner
  • You are qualified to register the stillbirth

Please contact us on 020 8937 1010.

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