Family history searches

We can help you start researching your family history by opening our historical registration records for searches.

You can spend time searching the registration records and also get duplicates of historical certificates for a charge

Please note, we only have information on people who died, were born or were married/joined in civil partnership in Brent.

Family history research advice

For births, deaths and marriages/civil partnerships that took place in another country you may need to contact the embassy or high commission of that country.

When researching your family history you should: (in addition to contacting the The National Archives Centre and General Register Office):

  • Contact the National Archives' Centre
  • Contact the General Register Office
  • Look at your parents' birth certificates to find their family names
  • Look at your parent's marriage certificate as this will give the names of the couple's fathers and their professions (a civil partnership certificate lists both the mother and father's names and professions)
  • Find family death certificates as these can tell you where a person was living when they died and what their job was. It will also name the person who registered the death and give their relationship to the deceased
  • Speak to older generations and look for old photographs to build up a picture of your family tree

Burial register searches

Burial records are widely available online in digital format. Our records are held on the Brent pages of the Deceased Online website.

'Deceased Online' is the central database for UK burials and cremations. You can search registers by 'country', 'region', 'county', 'burial authority' or 'crematorium' free of charge. On the site, users can gain access to:

  • computerised cremation and burial records
  • digital scans of cremation and burial registers
  • digital scans of books of remembrance
  • photographs of graves and memorials
  • cemetery maps showing grave locations
  • other occupants in the same grave