Documents you will need

When you register your 'notice of intent', please ensure you have details of your partner such as full name, date of birth and age, address and profession.

Marriage or civil partnership documents

Documents for a 'notice of intent' appointment:

On 2nd March 2015 a change to the Immigration Act 2014 has impacted on the requirements for one or both parties who are non-EEA nationals giving legal notice of intention.

Requirements to present to the Registrar when giving legal notices:

  • a valid passport, travel document or EEA Identity Card
  • current visa or biometric residency card if you have these for proof of legal stay if one or both parties is a non EEA national
  • proof of residency – any household bill dated within 3 months for example :valid UK driving licence, bank statements dated within 1 month
  • if married or joined in civil partnership before - proof of the marriage ending legally (If divorced in the UK this will be a County Court Judgment or a High Court Judgment of the Family Division. If divorced abroad, the original court papers with an English translation. If widowed, or surviving civil partner - evidence of the marriage and death.)
  • statutory notice fee of £35.00 each. However if one or both parties is a non EEA national and subject to the Referral scheme the fee will be £47.00 for each notice. 
  • the waiting period after giving legal notices extends from 16 days to 28 days, with cases referred to the UK Visas and Immigration this period may extend to 70 days
  • if one or both parties is an non EEA national or on a marriage/fiancé visa and subject to the Referral scheme you will need to supply 1 passport sized picture of each party getting married
  • if you have changed your name - evidence of the change of name by (deed poll or statutory declaration)

Please ask the Registrar booking the appointment for more details as the requirements will vary according to your circumstances, please call us on 020 8937 1010 for more details.