Marriages and ceremonies

In our borough, the new Brent Civic Centre and gardens offer a modern venue, but you can also choose from our list of approved venues for civil wedding ceremonies.

Registering your intention to marry

Before you can marry in a register office, approved premises, church or chapel in England or Wales (other than a Church of England where you may have banns called), you must give notice of your intention to marry.

Please note from 2 March 2015 if you are marrying in a Church of England and you are subject to immigration control you will now need to give legal notice of intent in a designated register office.

If you are a British citizen or a member of the European Union (EU), you must give the notice in the local authority where you have lived for at least the last seven days.

If one or both of the couple is a foreign national (outside of the EU), the notice of intent can be given in any designated register office.

Registering 'notice of intent' means arranging a face-to-face interview with our Registration team, stating who you are, where exactly the marriage will take place and giving your partner's full name, date of birth, age, profession and address.

This appointment must be booked in advance, and you should check our list of the documents you will need to bring.

Your notice of intent is valid for one year.

From the 2 March 2015 the period of notice will be 28 days from the date of registration.

Couples subject to immigration control could have their notice period extended to 70 days if they are to be referred to the Immigration Enforcement Team.

You are therefore advised that you do not plan your marriage date until the 70 days have expired.

If you are marrying in a religious building outside of the district where you live, it must be your usual place of worship for the notice of intent to be taken.

If you can obtain a letter from the religious person stating that you have attended regular worship at the religious building and have organised a wedding date this would be recommended.

Marriage ceremonies in Brent

Please ensure you check availability with your chosen venue. Some venues are really popular and may be booked up if you wish to marry soon after the notice is given.

There is a non refundable secure booking fee of £50 to secure a ceremony date and time for all weddings. This fee is deducted from the full ceremony fee. If you change the date and time there is an administration charge of £45.00


If you have a venue in mind that is not already approved for ceremonies, please read our information on certifying a building for worship and marriage ceremonies.

Brent Civic Centre parking

If you wish to hold your ceremony at Brent Civic Centre, please note that there are a limited number of paid-for parking spaces.

Abuse of immigration laws

We are working with the UK Border Agency to identify marriages and civil partnerships which seek to abuse UK immigration laws.

Anybody found to be arranging, facilitating or entering into a marriage or civil partnership solely to gain permission to stay in the UK risks arrest or prosecution. Foreign nationals may also face deportation and be barred from re-entering the UK for up to 14 years.