Registration and ceremony fees

We charge for various registrations and ceremonies in Brent and take full payment at the time of booking. 

You can make payments by debit or credit cards, cash, cheque or postal order.   All cheques and postal orders should be made payable to 'Brent Council'.

Please note for marriage, civil partnerships and baby naming there is a £20 admin fee charged to change a ceremony date and time already booked. Ceremonies arranged on Easter or Christmas dates will be charged the Bank Holiday fee. 

Certificates of birth, death, marriage or civil partnership registrationFees
Certificates issued on the same day as registration £4
Certificates issued after registration £7
Archived certificate £10
Marriage notice and civil partnership notice £35. After 2 March 2015, if you are referred for immigration purposes, the notice fee will be £47. 
Admin fee charged for certificates requested when walking in £10 


Historical search servicesFees
Six hours searching the council's records £18         
Duplicates of historical certificates £10


Marriage, civil partnership and baby-naming ceremonies conducted by the council at Brent Civic Centre
Ceremony conducted Monday-Thursday £150
Ceremony conducted on Friday - 9.00am - 4.00pm * £160 * £175
Ceremony conducted on Saturday £250 
Ceremony conducted on Sunday £325 
Evening ceremony conducted Monday - Friday after 5pm £325
Evening ceremony conducted on Saturday after 5pm £400
Evening ceremony conducted Sunday and Bank Holidays after 5pm £450
Attendance at a certified religious building £86
Baby-naming and renewal of vows same as ceremony fees

* Effective from 1st April 2017 

Approved premises ceremonies conducted by the council for marriages and civil partnershipsFees
Ceremony conducted on Monday-Friday £350           
Ceremony conducted on Saturday £400
Ceremony on Sunday or Bank Holidays £450
Ceremony conducted on Monday-Friday after 5pm £400
Ceremony conducted on Saturday after 5pm £500
Ceremony on Sunday or Bank Holidays after 5pm £600


Registration of buildings for worship and marriageFees
Registration of a building as a place of worship  £29            
Registration of a place of worship as a marriage venue  £123
Registration of approved premises for civil marriage/partnership Maximum seated capacity (persons)  
Up to 50 £600
51 to 100 £700
101 to 200 £800
201 to 300 £900
301 to 400 £1,000
401 to 500 £1,100
Over 500 £1,500