Adoption case studies


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Chantelle, Ryan and Cherise

Chantelle, Ryan and Cherise are a sibling group of three children who are of Black British/Jamaican heritage.

Chantelle is a smiley four year old. She is doing well at nursery and has made many friends there. She loves cuddles and attention and has a determined attitude to life. She loves to be active most of the time but at other times she can be pensive and likes to have quiet time and space to herself.  Chantelle loves looking at books, drawing , dancing and dressing up like a princess, but most of all she loves playing outdoors!

Ryan is a sensitive three year old boy who loves to be praised and cuddled. He is robust and competitive and can be noisy; as expected of a little boy of his age. He loves riding his trike and kicking his football into his goal net. Ryan loves listening to music and dancing; he has a good sense of rhythm! He is doing well at nursery and enjoys socialising with children and adults. Positively, he is starting to open up and talk to his carers about his experiences and worries.

Cherise is two years old. She loves to look pretty and dress up, but she is also very comfortable playing rough and climbing everything in sight.  Cherise eats well and sleeps throughout the night. Her carers describe her as a clever little girl, and say that with good guidance, she can go far!

Chantelle, Ryan and  Cherise have been with the same foster carer for a year and are thriving there. Whilst living with both parents, the children witnessed domestic violence and suffered neglect and emotional abuse.  However, the children's behaviour is not difficult to manage and their carers report that they are beautiful children who are a pleasure to care for and that they respond to boundaries, as long as there is consistency.

We would like to place the three children together, with adopters who can provide them with a safe, secure and loving home.   The adopters will need to have lots of energy and the ability to meet the children's physical, emotional and psychological needs and be able to promote a positive sense of identity.

Please note that the above profiles are fictitious but do illustrate the types of children needing adoptive homes in Brent.