Joshua is a gorgeous two year old boy. He is active, engaging and bubbly. He interacts well with both adults and children. Joshua is settled, has a secure attachment with his current carer and he is flourishing. He gets on very well with his carer's children. He is currently meeting his developmental milestones and there are no concerns regarding his health. He is very active and he eats and sleeps well. 

Joshua's birth mother is white Irish and his birth father is black Nigerian. The parents have not prescribed a religion for him, preferring that he chooses for himself when he grows up.  Joshua's birth mother is known to have used drugs throughout her pregnancy and Joshua was born with mild withdrawal symptoms.

Joshua is subject to a Placement Order.  He has older brothers and sisters who are placed with different foster carers. The children currently see each other twice a month.  Recommendations on their future contact as siblings will be provided.

We are ideally looking for an adoptive family of one or two parents, who will be able to offer warmth, love and a good home. We would ideally like to consider a family who can reflect Joshua's racial and cultural heritage, but we can also consider a family who can positively promote this.  Adopters also need to be able to accept a certain level of uncertainty in terms of Joshua's future development.

Please note that the above profiles are fictitious but do illustrate the types of children needing adoptive homes in Brent.