Who can adopt?

All sorts of people can make a success of adoption and parenting.

You can be single, living together, married or divorced.

You can adopt if you are gay or lesbian and we welcome enquiries from people of all ethnic, cultural backgrounds, and from a variety of faiths - or those with no religion at all.

This list is by no means comprehensive so it's best to ask us if you are not sure.

Supporting your application

The adoption application is a comprehensive process, so the team are here to offer help every step of the way. Plans will have been made about the future before children come to live with you - we will support you and the child/children.

Adoption leave may be available, you will need to discuss this with your employer.

About you

You will need to be determined to really make a difference to a child's life. You will need plenty of patience, humour and energy. Practically, you do need to have enough space in your home and time in your life.

You need to be over 21 and your relationship or family life needs to be stable, as do your living arrangements. There is no upper age limit but you need to be fit and healthy and be able to see a child into adulthood.

You can adopt if you already have children but you'll need to be practical about everyone's wellbeing. Adoption is a big emotional commitment, so you need to be ready. We can help you along the way.

Part of the work we do is counselling adopted adults who were placed as babies or young children. Their feedback and experiences inform current practice.

For example, experiences of black and mixed-heritage children placed in white families have taught us that it is usually better to place children in families who reflect their background as closely as possible; and the more confident and positive adoptive parents are in talking to children about adoption and their past experiences, the more secure and confident adopted children will be as adults.

About us

The Adoption Team at Brent is comprised of experienced social workers, a manager and support staff.

Applicants are allocated their own social worker who will assess you and then support you once a child is placed.