Help with finding childcare

It is best if parents can make their own decisions about childcare but our Children and Families Information Service may be able to help if you are having difficulties in finding the right providers.

We can ring nurseries, childminders and out-of-school childcare providers on your behalf to find vacancies, taking your budget and where you need the childcare into account.

We cannot guarantee success on every occasion but we will offer assistance as required.

For information about your different options for childcare, please choose from the links on the right.

You can search for childcare providers in our local online directory:

Flexible working

If you cannot find childcare because you are being asked to work at awkward times, you may have the right to request flexible working hours if you have a child under six years old (or 18 if the child has a disability covered under this scheme).

Visit the Working Families website ( a charity providing help for parents and carers) for up-to-date advice on how to request flexible working.

If you are having difficulty finding the childcare you want, please make an appointment to see us by contacting the Children and Families Information Service.