Disabled Children and Young People's Service (0-25)

Who can use the service?

Children and young people who have been referred to us can be assessed for support needed if they meet the following criteria:


  • live in Brent
  • are aged between 0 and 25
  • have a physical or mental impairment which is permanent and substantial and which has a negative effect on their ability to do normal daily activities.

This could include sensory impairment, learning disability, autism spectrum disorder and challenging behaviour as a result of their learning disability. It also includes children who have complex health needs and those with palliative, life limiting or life threatening conditions.

A ‘substantial’ disability is defined as the child or young person requiring significant support from another person or equipment to carry out their basic functions such as personal or night time care, eating or participating in activities. Individuals who do not meet the threshold will be signposted to other support.

Options if your child can't use this service

Children won't normally be able to get support from us if they have:

  • mild to moderate disabilities which do not require specialist support
  • developmental delay or additional needs and emotional and behavioural difficulties which are not a result of their learning disabilities.

There are other options open to parents and carers such as Early Support. This is a service that coordinates help for families who have children under five years old and who are currently using at least four other education, health or social care services. Referrals for early support are normally made by a GP, paediatrician or another professional who is already working with you and your child, but parents can also self refer.

The service offers:

  • a key worker who will be a single point of contact for your family and liaise with other services you are involved with on your behalf
  • emotional and practical support to help you and other family members better understand your child's disability or additional needs
  • support and signposting to help you access other local services that might be helpful.

If you are worried about any aspect of your child's welfare, health, development or behaviour you can also request for a free assessment to be carried out.

If your child has mild additional needs you can talk to your health visitor or school about additional support, or why not see what your local children’s centre has to offer?