Early help and support available

Our Early Years Service provides a range of assistance for families with children aged 0 to 18 years old (up to 19 if the young person has a disability or additional needs).

The service includes our:

  • Early Support Team which work with families who have a child under five with additional needs or disabilities
  • Accelerated Support Team which provides a rapid-response service to young people between the ages of 11 and 17 and their families. 
  • Portage Team a free home visiting service for pre-school children with a disability or additional needs
  • Family Solutions Service which supports families with children aged 0 to 18 years old (up to 19 for young people with disabilities) on a range of issues including mental health, parenting support and money advice.

Key workers from each of these teams work in partnership with families to provide the right support at the right time, so that any concerns or issues you may be facing can be dealt with at an early stage and prevented from getting more serious.

Once we have assessed what you need, our key workers plan a package of support to help you and your family and we agree how long we will work together. Sometimes this may involve other organisations, for example, a mentor for your child or a referral to a speech and language therapist.

Together we review progress and make changes as we go along if we need to. Any support that is put in place is only done with your consent.


We always make sure that the safety and wellbeing of children are put first in everything we do. If we have concerns about your child's safety we have a duty of care to report this to social care services or the police. View more information on safeguarding.