Helping me learn

By the age of four around half of all the children in Brent - as in many other parts
of the UK - have not reached the expected standards in speaking and listening.

Helping Me Learn aims to raise awareness among parents of young children on how they can boost their children's communications skills and stop them from falling behind.

On this page, you will find three, free booklets which you can download, all specially designed to help your child learn.

There are leaflets with lots of useful tips and advice and also a recipe book and activity book, full of fun, easy things you can do with your child.

Parents don't realise what an important role they have in developing their children's communication skills. What parents say and do with their young children is crucial.

There are lots of fun, easy, everyday things parents can do - such as reading, playing and talking with their children as well as praising them.

You don't need qualifications or to spend a lot of money on educational material - all you need is to give your child lots of attention in a patient, positive way every day.

For example, parents who speak a language other than English should use the language they feel most comfortable in - it's the communication, not the language that is important!

Your local children's centre can also support your child's early learning. For example, parents repeating what they say and talking to their children about what they are doing when cooking, doing the housework and shopping are ways which will help their child get better at talking.

There are also lots of fun and easy activities that parents can do together with their child but it is important they get their children involved and let them take the lead where possible, rather than just showing them how to do it.

To see what help is available find your local children's centre or contact the Children and Families Information Service.

Things to read

Download these booklets for helpful tips and advice on helping your child learn.