Foster care requirements

If you want to be a foster carer you can be:

  • from any social, ethnic and religious background
  • single or with a partner
  • married or unmarried
  • heterosexual or gay
  • already a parent
  • someone who has experience of caring for children.

You do not need to:

  • own a big house
  • live in a particular area of Brent - we need carers across the whole borough, in some cases we need long term foster carers to live outside of Brent
  • earn a certain income
  • be in employment
  • own your own home.

All foster carers will need to have:

  • a suitable space for the child, in most cases a spare room
  • an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
  • medical checks
  • checks with your local council
  • references from employers and people who know you well
  • a financial check.

Fostering can be a demanding task. You will certainly need to be in good health and need an understanding of the difficulties faced by children and their parents.

You will need to be committed to the welfare of children, which will need to be shared and supported by all your family members.