Fostering stories

From helping children in care to stay and do well in school, to building their self-confidence and improving their mental health, Brent foster carers are doing everything in their power to change the lives of local young people.

There are a lot of remarkable fostering stories around the borough, which remain unknown either because the identity of those involved has to protected for safety reasons or because the carers simply do not like to make their efforts public. However, a few decided to speak about their experience and reveal to everyone how amazing and rewarding being a foster parent actually is.

We encourage you to discover fostering through the eyes of our carers and their children, and share their stories with your community. Discover more stories on our YouTube channel


 Julie's Story

“A foster carer doesn’t need to have an endless list of qualifications. What they really need is the experience of working with children and young people in a caring environment” says Wembley resident, Julie Long, who has been fostering in Brent with her husband, Kevin Long, since 2015.

Julie LongBusy mum Julie knows this very well, as she manages her fostering role, along with her part time job as a Centre Manager for an organisation which supports young people.

“As a manager, my responsibilities lean more towards general maintenance of the unit - making sure we have everything we need and keeping things in good repair for the people who use our services. I have a lot of contact with young people and this has really helped me in my fostering task.”

It’s not just a one way street. Julie believes fostering has helped her better understand her current role.

“The training and support I have received as a Brent foster carer has been fantastic. I have had the opportunity to develop my professional skills and use some of those skills in the workplace. I feel that I have learnt so much since I started fostering.”

“Fostering has made such a difference to our lives. It has made us more open, empathetic and compassionate as a family. We have young children of our own and they are fully supportive of our fostering role. They enjoy having another sibling around! It has really opened their eyes and made them more appreciative of what it means to have a family. I would definitely recommend fostering to anyone who has the space in their hearts and home. Even my sister decided to go for it. She was approved as a foster carer earlier this year. Making that tiny difference to someone’s life is so rewarding. Despite the challenges, I am enjoying every minute of it!”

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