Joining us

To join Brent Fostering you have to make an application and undergo a standard assessment, which takes between four to six months. Whether you want to foster babies, schoolchildren or adolescents, the Brent Fostering application and assessment are the same. Following approval, you have the freedom to choose a preferred age group based on your skills and experience.

The process starts with your enquiry followed by a chat with one of our social workers and an invitation to attend a fostering information evening. Once you have learned the basics of fostering with Brent, you can decide if you want to apply and start the assessment. 

A Brent social worker will support you throughout the process so that you feel confident and complete each stage successfully.

The application

Step 1: Your enquiry

If you would like to change the lives of local children in care, contact us directly on 0800 001 4041 or request a call back. We will have a chat about why you want to become a Brent foster carer and will check that you meet the basic fostering requirements. You will then be invited to attend a fostering information evening.

You can also sign up to attend the fostering information evening directly by getting your free ticket.

Step 2: The Fostering Information Evening

If you are new to fostering, attending the information evening is essential. Here you will be able to speak to our team, some of our carers and also ask questions about foster care.

After the session, if you feel that you are ready to pursue fostering, we will speak to you about arranging a home visit.

You may decide, however, that you are not ready to foster yet, which we perfectly understand. In this case, the process will stop, but you can continue learning by joining our private group – here you will get information and advice about preparing yourself to become a Brent foster parent when the time is right. 

You can get back in touch with us anytime if you decide to start fostering.

Step 3: The home visit

The home visit helps us to know you better, see where you live and find out more about how you can help local children through fostering.

The social worker will talk to you about your childcare experience, your suitability to foster, and about yourself as a person. You will also be expected to talk about your family and how they feel about fostering, and provide details on your health, finances and relationship history.

Step 4: The application form

Following a positive home visit, you will be completing a fostering application form. Once this is approved, your assessment to become a Brent foster carer can start.