Contact Brent Family Front Door if you are concerned

If you believe a child is in immediate danger you should phone the police. Call 999.

If you have any concerns about a child being harmed or at risk of harm please contact us:

Contact the Brent Family Front door on 020 8937 4300 (option 1) to discuss your concern. 
If you are calling outside normal office hours (9am - 5pm) please call our emergency duty team on: 020 8863 5250.

PencilGreen-40x40If you are a member of the public you can complete a Child Concern Report - please send us this online report form if you are worried about a child's safety. Please supply as much information as you can.

PencilGreen-40x40If you are a professional you can complete the Child Concern Report for professionals – not for public use.

If you do not feel comfortable about telling us, or you are not sure if you are right, you can also speak to a police officer, teacher, health visitor, doctor or the NSPCC. The most important thing is to tell someone who can help.