Building Relationships For Stronger Families

The Building Relationships for Stronger Families Programme aims to improve outcomes for children by reducing parental conflict. Evidence shows that parental conflict puts children at higher risk of negative outcomes particularly where the conflict is intense, frequent and poorly resolved. Whilst conflict can impact any parents, particularly at stressful times in family life, evidence shows that workless families experience around triple the rate of parental conflict compared with their working peers.

The programme offers parents support to suit their circumstances to address conflict within their relationship as well as strengthening their parenting skills to bring up their children. Support takes the form of one-to-one or group sessions delivered by experienced facilitators who are skilled in encouraging discussion around the modern struggles that parents and couples face.
During the programme, Parents will work on their relationship, whether they are together or separate, and find ways to manage stresses and disagreements, exploring patterns of behaviour and tools and techniques to improve their parenting skills and help their family succeed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Parent with at least one child aged 0-18, or a disabled child aged 0-25, or be expecting their first child
  • At least one of the parents referred must live in Brent
  • They should be workless (although there is a small provision allocated for working parents)
  • They must be experiencing a level of distress and conflict in their relationship
  • They must agree and sign the Participation Agreement and they must complete a Referral Stage Questionnaire.

To receive a referral form or further information please e-mail or call 0207 641 3523