Assessment and education, health and care (EHC) planning

Annual review

We must review your child’s EHC plan every 12 months as a minimum. You should get at least two weeks’ notice of the meeting and you can take someone along with you. Your child should also be actively involved in the review process in a way that suits them. The meeting is usually held at your child’s nursery, school or college. View our annual review checklist and guidance document.

The other people who should be invited are the nursery/school/college, the council’s casework officer, a representative from both health and social care and any other people involved in working with your child. Not everyone will attend every meeting but they should all (including you as a parent) be asked for their advice and information and these reports should be sent to you two weeks before the meeting.

It’s important that you have the chance to read everything beforehand so that you can think about what you would like to happen at the meeting. 

In most cases, your child’s school will arrange the annual review meeting and report to the council after. The meeting must focus on your child’s progress towards meeting the agreed outcomes in their EHC plan. Are any changes needed in the support they get to help them achieve those outcomes? Do the outcomes themselves need updating.

Within two weeks of the meeting, the school must send a report to us and you should get a copy. Check it over to make sure it matches what was said or agreed at the meeting. Within four weeks, we must decide on one of three things:

  • To continue with the existing EHC plan
  • To amend or change the EHC plan
  • To withdraw or ‘cease to maintain’ the EHC plan

If we decide to change or withdraw the EHC plan, there is a process that allows you to comment and appeal the decision if you don’t agree. It is important to realise that an EHC plan can only be changed through the annual review process. Watch a short animation of an EHC annual review.