Assessment and education, health and care (EHC) planning

The assessment process

In most cases, a relevant professional or an educational setting will refer children and young people for an EHC assessment. This could be their nursery, school, college, doctor, health visitor or an educational psychologist. View the referral form for professionals.

Parents can also request an EHC assessmentif they feel their child is not making sufficient progress. Young people over the age of 16 can also self refer if they have given their consent. 

The assessment process should be completed within 20 weeks. Read our easy to understand timeline of an EHC assessment.

Exceptions that can prolong the process beyond the 20-week timescale

  • The child or young person missing appointments with a professional who the authority has requested advice from
  • The child or young person is absent from the area for a period of at least four weeks
  • Exceptional personal circumstances affect the child or his/her parent, or the young person
  • The educational institution is closed for at least four weeks, which may delay the submission of information