Brent Early Years Inclusion Support Team

Who we are

The Early Years Inclusion Support Team is a multi-disciplinary team that includes advisory teachers, early years specialist practitioners and health professionals. 

We provide advice and training to empower special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs) and early years practitioners to respond to the diverse needs of children in their care. We work with all early years settings in Brent, including schools, private, voluntary, independent nurseries and childminders, to support the inclusion of young children who have a range of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) that may be affecting their learning and progress.

We offer support in early identification and planning for children with additional needs at the Early Years Foundation Stage and work closely with early years professionals to remove barriers to inclusion and help ensure that all children are fully included in the day-to-day activities at their setting.

What we do

We offer regular visits to early years settings, as well as training for SENCOs and other early years practitioners to support and develop their knowledge and skills in how to understand, identify and meet the needs of children with SEND.

A key part of our role is to create a 'team around the child and family' approach offering timely support and intervention and to help all settings give young children a good start by adopting the graduated approach to support using the 'assess, plan, do, review' model.

Our early years inclusion link workers support settings to work closely with parents and carers to identify and assess needs, plan interventions to address those needs and review children's progress using individual plans. They can also help settings to put into place integrated support for children with SEND, which may include onward referrals to outside agencies including health and social care providers.

We aim to work in a preventative role, supporting early identification of children who present with possible SEND by providing indirect intervention. With prior consent from parent/carers, a member of the team will meet with staff to share key information about the child as well as observe them experiencing difficulties in the setting, in order to determine whether they may have SEND. We also aim to meet with parent/carers to share their thoughts/concerns and agree next steps.

With parental consent, the early years inclusion link workers can support children in the following areas of need:

  • Communication and interaction - this includes children with speech language and communication difficulties or a diagnosis of autism
  • Cognition and learning - this includes children who demonstrate features of moderate, severe or profound learning difficulties
  • Emotional social development and mental health - this includes children who are withdrawn or isolated, disruptive, hyperactive and lacking concentration, have immature social skills and those presenting with challenging behaviours arising from other complex emotional/social needs
  • Sensory and physical - this includes profound and permanent deafness or visual and physical impairments as well as children with sensory processing difficulties.

Our work also includes:

  • Providing advice to SENCOs
  • Supporting staff to write and implement individual plans for children
  • Supporting staff to monitor and review children's progress
  • Advising on and modelling strategies of support for individual children
  • Supporting the onward referral of individual children to outside agencies, including speech and language therapists and community paediatricians
  • Helping parents/carers to understand the needs of their child
  • Supporting early years practitioners to make timely interventions such as requesting professional assessments or an education, health and care plan
  • Providing advice and support at the point of transition
  • Facilitating information-sharing meetings between settings and schools
  • providing and updating SEND training for early years practitioners and SENCOs
  • Co-ordinating Early Years SENCO meetings at the Civic Centre which can be booked via Best Brent
  • Attending team around the child/family meetings and multi-disciplinary assessments
  • Attending nursery panel meetings to agree the placement and funding for individual children referred to the panel
  • Attending child development service meetings
  • Working in partnership with early years advisory teachers on quality improvement in relation to inclusion


Contact the Early Years Inclusion Team

Telephone 020 8937 1234