Health and wellbeing

The health category of our Local Offer sets out the range of services that are available in Brent for children and young people with SEND, and their families.

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Services for everyone

Most health services are universal, which means they are available to everyone and you do not need an assessment or referral to use them. Find details of your local health services on the Brent NHS website. 

Most children and young people with SEND will have their needs met by universal services. They include:

If you are worried about your child's development there is lots of information available about different types of SEND.

Targeted services

Children and young people who have a disability or complex needs, which cannot be met through universal services alone, may also need help from targeted services.

Health services at this level are specially designed to support and treat people with certain conditions and normally you will have to be assessed and referred to the service by certain professionals, for example, your GP, child’s school, health visitor or social worker.

Targeted services include:

Children and young people with SEND may need to be supported by one or more of these services at some time in their life.

Specialist services

Children and young people whose parents or carers are unable to provide all the care they may need, due to complex health care needs, life-threatening conditions, profound disabilities, or children who need safeguarding, may require support from local specialist health services.

To receive support from specialist services, a child or young person’s disability must be permanent and substantial and have a negative effect on their ability to do normal daily activities and their family’s wellbeing.

Specialist health services include:

Service commissioning

The NHS Brent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is made up of five locality groups of GPs in Harness, Kilburn, Kingsbury, Wembley and Willesden. There are a total of 67 GP practices in these groups, which are all members of the CCG.

Brent CCG is responsible for planning and buying healthcare services in the borough, for all patients registered with its member GP practices and those who are not registered but are resident within the borough. This is known as ‘commissioning’.

The services commissioned by the CCG include planned hospital care, urgent and emergency care, rehabilitation care, mental health and learning disability services and care in the community.

To make sure the right commissioning decisions are made for patients, Brent CCG works in partnership with local health and social care partners, including the council, patients, the public, community and voluntary organisations and Healthwatch

Joint commissioning

The council and Brent CCG jointly commission universal (mainstream), targeted and specialist speech and language therapy (SALT). For further information about how this provision is currently provided and how potential gaps are identified, view our pathway document and flowchart.