Access to social care

If you have a child or young person with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and think they need support from social care services, you should contact Brent Family Front Door on 0208 937 4033 or email for an assessment. 

You may find people like health visitors, GPs or school staff will suggest a referral to social care. If you hold parental responsibility, this referral can only be done after you agree to it, unless the child or young person involved is at risk of harm.

An allocated officer from Brent's Disabled Children and Young People's Service (0 - 25) will carry out an assessment of your child's needs. Any support that is offered by the service is always focused on individual needs and the particular circumstances of your family. Children and young people have varying needs that change over time and this should be taken into account at the time of each referral. Find out more about Brent's threshold for social care support.

Support could include:

  • Specialist or inclusive play schemes
  • Residential short breaks
  • Day care during weekends and holidays
  • Extra support in the home

 Parents/carers will also be offered a carers assessment to identify their specific needs.