Brent Centre for Young People

Brent Centre for Young People is a leading mental health charity that provides help and support at an early stage to young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties or mental health issues. These could include low mood, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, anger or low self-esteem.

The charity offers a number of talking therapies specifically for young people including individual, group and family support. Trained therapists can also help young people deal with difficult life experiences such as bereavement, bullying, relationship problems, issues at school or work, physical illness, pregnancy or abuse.

The centre is located at Brondesbury Park where most of the services are provided, and the charity also offers support to pupils at a number of local schools.

Age group

11 to 21 years old


Laufer House, 51 Winchester Avenue, London, NW6 7TT,

Contact number

020 7328 0918