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What is the LEGO© Group?

The LEGO© Group is a social skills programme that uses LEGO© as a medium for communication and social interaction. The LEGO© Group provides a motivating environment in which to practice skills such as:

  • sharing
  • taking turns
  • following social rules
  • listening to instructions
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • not always getting your own way.

Children may also be chosen to take part in LEGO© Group as positive role models to their peers.

How does it work?

Children work together in groups of three to build a LEGO© model. Each child is given a different role with individual instructions to inform them of the part they will play in the construction process. The children's roles alternate each week. The three roles are the engineer, the supplier and the builder.

Who is it suitable for?

LEGO© group is suitable for children with social interaction and communication
difficulties. It can also be used with children who have low self-esteem. Children must have moderate use of the English language and be able to follow instructions.

To discuss whether it would be appropriate for your child/setting please speak to your BOAT worker.