Brent Outreach Autism Team (BOAT)

Support and working arrangements

BOAT does not carry out initial or formal assessments for diagnosis. These are conducted by paediatricians or the developmental progress team at the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

The level of support we provide depends on the child or young person’s level of need, the needs of the individual setting and whether they go to a Brent setting. Our support is not offered in isolation, but in consultation with parents, staff and other professionals.

We are a school advisory service and the support is provided though advice and consultation with education staff. We do not deliver direct intervention programmes for children or young people.

We will make every effort to attend a child or young person's annual review when enough notice has been given in line with the SEND Code of Practice. Our visit notes, including details of our strategies and advice, can be included in the child's annual review paperwork. A BOAT report will not be written for annual reviews to inform current or previous involvement. 

A record of all our visits and communication with those involved is maintained for each child and young person. A copy of our visit notes is sent to both the setting and to the family.

Parents and carers are encouraged to be involved in the following ways:

  • Contact BOAT with any questions or concerns you may have by email or phone.
  • Respond to visit notes / emails sent to you with any feedback, questions or concerns. This can be by email or phone.
  • Attend celebratory events/training sessions offered.

We do not provide reports with information for the statutory assessment process unless directed to do so by the council.



Contact us

  • Brent Outreach Autism Team
    020 8937 4659
  • SEN Assessment Service
    020 8937 3229
  • Brent SEND Information, Advice and Support Service
    020 8937 3434
    Our helpline is open between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.
    An answerphone is always available and we aim to respond to messages within two working days.
  • Educational Psychology Service
    020 8937 3200