Occupational therapy provided by Brent Social Care

A child or young person can be referred for occupational therapy (OT) if they are aged from 0 to 25 years old, in full-time education and have a long-term profound and substantial disability that affects their day-to-day activities. Please read the full eligibility criteria.

If the referral is accepted, an occupational therapist will carry out an assessment in your home environment to identify the difficulties your child is experiencing. The recommendations may include providing specialist equipment and/or adaptations to support safe access within the home or to optimise the child’s safety. The occupational therapist may also provide a housing needs assessment if requested by Brent’s housing department.

Either a parent or a professional can make the referral:

  • If the person is aged 18 to 25 please contact Brent Customer Services on 020 8937 1234