Targeted Inclusion Service

The Targeted Inclusion Service helps schools and families by providing a range of support to reduce exclusions, improve mental health and enable children and young people to engage in education. It is responsible for providing full-time education for pupils in Brent who have been permanently excluded from school, or who are unable to attend because of illness or other reasons. The service also: 

  • Gives parents and schools appropriate and timely advice on their rights and responsibilities in cases of school exclusion
  • Monitors and track the attendance and progress of pupils who are known to the service
  • Works with other council services to support parents, pupils and teachers and reduce the number of permanent exclusions in Brent.

The Targeted Inclusion Service is made up of several teams:

The Inclusion Support Team

This multi-skilled team helps schools and families to support children and young people of statutory school age who are at risk of exclusion. The team also works to improve pupils' mental health, and attendance and engagement in education, and offers a range of clinical and non-clinical expertise. To find out more view the team's brochure or email the service at

Download the inclusion forms:

Ashley College, alternative provision for children and young people with health needs

Ashley College provides education for children and young people resident in Brent of statutory school age who are temporarily unable to attend school because of physical or mental illness or complex health needs.

Schools wishing to access this provision should complete an inclusion assessment and referral form. This must be supported by evidence from a medical consultant which explains the impact the pupil's illness has on their ability to attend school. The service also works flexibly with schools to ensure continuity and return pupils to mainstream schooling if possible.

Brent River College, pupil referral unit (PRU)

Brent River College provides education for primary and secondary-aged students of statutory school age who have been permanently excluded from mainstream school.